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Governance, management and controls for AI and data protection regulatory compliance.

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Governance, Management, Control.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a transformative technology with applications in office productivity, manufacturing, transportation, medicine, and many other areas. Good governance, management, and operational control can optimize the benefits for individuals, businesses, governments, communities, and society.

Data Protection

The processing of personal data significantly increases the obligations and responsibilities of enterprises in how they collect, use, and dispose of personal data. Enterprises are required to be able to demonstrate accountability for their data processing activities and compliance with legal obligations.

Information and Technology

Achieve agreed-upon enterprise objectives for information and technology, through the evaluation of stakeholder needs, conditions, and expectations, prioritising and making decisions, optimising risk management, setting direction, and monitoring performance, compliance, and value creation.

Advisory Service.
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Advisory Service.

Approved certification criteria enable us to confidently advise on best practices for compliance with statutory and contractual obligations.

Assurance Service.

Assurance Service.

As the owner of approved certification criteria, our assurance service has a reliable basis for assessing conformity and providing assurance that controllers and processors are capable of fulfilling their statutory and contractual obligations. Certification criteria are reviewed and approved by supervisory authorities and the EDPB to ensure the requirements for conformance will ensure a consist application of the applicable regulations.

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Online auditing of the governance. management and control practices for artificial intelligence systems, data protection obligations and the use of information and technology.



Artificial intelligence, data protection and data governance services.



Solutions to support the governance, management and control of artificial intelligence system, data protection obligations and the use of information and technology.



Online courses and virtual classroom training for the governance, management and control of artificial intelligence systems, data protection obligations, and information and technology.

Scheme for Personal Data Breaches

This certification scheme is developed to assess compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation to implement a data breach management process and respond to a personal data breach promptly.

Personal Data Breach Management


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced the requirement for a personal data breach to be notified to the competent national supervisory authority  (or in the case of a cross-border breach, to the lead authority) and, in certain cases, to communicate the breach to the individuals whose personal data have been affected by the breach.

This certification scheme targets the personal data breach management process performed by data controllers and processors and includes all personal data breach management activities. It applies to controllers and processors with processing operations located in the Union and those of processors outside the Union engaged by controllers located in the Union and covers:

  • implementation of technical and organisational measures that can effectively limit the likelihood and severity of a personal data breach
  • all personal data breach notification obligations and related measures, and
  • introducing additional security measures or correcting failures or deficiencies in the security measures already implemented.